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The top 25 apps for Shopify

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How do you choose a good Shopify app for ecommerce?

When choosing a Shopify app for ecommerce, consider factors like functionality, user reviews and ratings, compatibility with your store’s theme and other apps, customer support, and pricing. Look for apps that align with your business goals and have a track record of delivering results for similar businesses.

If you’re looking to take your ecommerce business to new heights, the Shopify App Store is your ultimate destination. It’s like a treasure trove filled with powerful apps that are specifically designed to boost your success. Need help with email marketing? Done. Want to increase conversions? We’ve got you covered. Looking for social proof or customer loyalty programs? You’ll find it all here. In this blog, we’ll delve into the best Shopify apps for various aspects of your business, giving you all the information you need to make informed decisions. Whether you’re just starting out or already a seasoned pro, these apps will help you optimise your online store and drive more sales. So get ready to level up and let’s dive in!

Best Shopify apps for email marketing

Looking to boost your email marketing efforts for your Shopify store? Check out these top Shopify apps!

1. Klaviyo

Looking to level up your email marketing strategy? Look no further than Klaviyo, a powerful app that takes your campaigns to the next level. With Klaviyo, you can create personalised emails, automate your marketing efforts, and track campaign success. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify, this app syncs customer data and offers advanced analytics. Klaviyo offers a wide range of tools, from abandoned cart reminders to personalised product recommendations, ensuring that all your needs are met. Boost engagement, drive more sales, and enhance your customer experience with Klaviyo.

2. Shopify Email

Looking to level up your email marketing game? Shopify Email has got you covered! This built-in app allows you to create and send professional-looking emails to your customers. With customizable templates and the ability to add product images, your campaigns will look amazing. Plus, Shopify Email offers advanced segmentation options, real-time analytics, and easy integration with your Shopify store. It’s a great way to manage and automate your email marketing efforts without any hassle!

3. Omnisend

Looking to supercharge your email marketing? Omnisend is the perfect solution for you! This powerful app offers a range of features, including segmentation, A/B testing, and customizable templates, all designed to help you engage with your customers effectively. Easily integrate your Shopify store and target your audience based on their purchase history and behaviour. With detailed analytics and reports, you can track the performance of your email campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Boost sales, build customer loyalty, and drive traffic to your website with Omnisend. So why wait? Try it out today!

Bonus: Dioro

Dioro is a specialised email marketing app for Shopify stores. It enables you to effortlessly create and send personalised email campaigns to engage your customers. With Dioro, you have access to customizable templates, automation features, and detailed analytics to streamline your email marketing efforts. Seamlessly integrate Dioro with your Shopify store for a seamless customer experience.

Best Shopify Apps for Increasing Conversions

Increase your ecommerce conversions with these top Shopify apps. Use Product Upsell and Cross-Sell apps to maximise the value of each order by recommending related items. Cart Recovery apps send reminders to complete purchases. Display customer reviews and testimonials with Customer Reviews and Testimonials apps to build trust. Social Media Integration apps let you promote products on social platforms. Email marketing apps generate targeted campaigns for engagement and recurring purchases. Live Chat Support apps offer real-time assistance for higher satisfaction and conversions.

4. OptinMonster

Looking to convert website visitors into subscribers and customers? OptinMonster has got you covered! With targeted pop-ups and opt-in forms, this Shopify app helps boost your email list and conversions. The advanced targeting and segmentation features ensure that your messages are delivered to the right audience at the right time. And the best part? OptinMonster seamlessly integrates with Shopify, making it a breeze to set up and optimise your conversion strategies. Get started today and watch your business thrive!

5. Octane AI: Quiz Growth Tools

Ready to take your ecommerce store to the next level? Don’t waste any more time searching because Octane AI’s Quiz Growth Tools are the solution you’re looking for. These tools not only engage your customers but also gather valuable data for personalised recommendations. With interactive quizzes customised to match your brand and products, you can create a tailored shopping experience that increases customer conversions. Octane AI also integrates with email marketing platforms, making it easier to nurture leads and drive more conversions. So why wait? Try Octane AI’s Quiz Growth Tools today and see the difference they can make for your business!

6. LiveChat

With Live Chat, you can communicate with customers in real-time, boosting your chances of conversion. Respond instantly to queries, provide personalised assistance, and build trust. Utilise the app’s analytics to track customer behaviour and enhance your conversion strategies. By integrating Live Chatt with Shopify, you can streamline the buying process and reduce cart abandonment. Enhance the customer experience with Live Chat and watch your sales soar!

Best Shopify Apps for Social Proof

Looking to build trust and urgency in your Shopify store? Social proof apps provide the solution you need. Display customer reviews and testimonials to showcase the credibility of your brand. Real-time sales notifications create a sense of urgency and FOMO. Implement social sharing buttons for customers to spread the word about your products on social media. Collaborate with influencers using influencer marketing apps to expand your reach. Loyalty and referral programs incentivise repeat purchases and word-of-mouth marketing. Boost your ecommerce success with these social proof apps.

7. is a highly popular Shopify app that allows customers to leave product reviews, helping to establish trust and credibility for your online store. With customizable review request emails and widgets, you can seamlessly display customer reviews on your website. offers advanced features such as review Q&A, photo reviews, and review reminders to enhance social proof. It also integrates smoothly with other Shopify apps, providing a seamless ecommerce experience. So go ahead and give a try to boost your online store’s reputation!

8. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

Looking to boost your social proof and increase sales? UpPromote is the perfect app for effective affiliate marketing. Create an affiliate program to incentivise customers and influencers, and track their performance with built-in analytics. Customise commission structures to fit your business needs and build trust with potential customers. UpPromote takes your ecommerce store to the next level, helping you forge strong relationships and drive more sales.

9. Referral Candy

It’s a fantastic app that helps you create a referral program to reward customers for spreading the word about your Shopify store. It’s all about increasing social proof and boosting customer trust in your brand. With Referral Candy, customers can easily share your products on social media, generating even more social proof for your business. Leveraging the power of social proof can drive more traffic, sales, and conversions for your Shopify store.

10. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Increase customer loyalty and engagement with Smile: Loyalty & Rewards. Design customisable loyalty programs to encourage repeat buying. Integrate with social media platforms for customers to share experiences. Showcase customer reviews and testimonials for social proof and trust. Track the effectiveness of loyalty and rewards programs with analytics. Boost customer loyalty and build a thriving ecommerce store.

Bonus. Goaffpro: Create your own Affiliate Program

Looking to boost brand visibility and increase sales for your Shopify store? Look no further than Goaffpro, the perfect app to create your own customised affiliate program. Easily track and manage affiliate commissions and payouts with Goaffpro’s user-friendly interface. Empower your affiliates with various promotional tools and watch them effectively market your products. With Goaffpro, you can leverage the power of an affiliate program to drive traffic and conversions for your online store.

Best Shopify apps for customer loyalty programs

Looking to boost customer retention and encourage repeat purchases? Shopify’s apps have got you covered with their range of features for creating and managing customer loyalty programs.

11. LoyaltyLion

Looking to boost customer loyalty and drive repeat business on your Shopify store? Look no further than LoyaltyLion! This powerful app allows you to create and manage customer loyalty programs with ease. Reward your customers for their purchases, referrals, and social media engagement. Customise the rewards and tiers to suit your brand and encourage customer engagement. Stay on top of your loyalty program’s performance with analytics and insights provided by LoyaltyLion. It’s the perfect tool to build long-term customer relationships and boost sales. So why wait? Integrate LoyaltyLion into your Shopify store today!

12. Smile

Another popular Shopify app, helps you create and manage customer loyalty programs. It allows you to reward customers for purchases, referrals, and social media engagement. With Smile, you can customise rewards, track points, and integrate email marketing. The app also provides analytics and insights to optimise your loyalty program. Using Smile can increase customer retention and drive repeat business.

13. Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards

Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards is an app that offers customizable loyalty programs to boost customer retention. You can reward customers for various actions, such as purchases, referrals, and social media engagement. Yotpo provides advanced analytics to track the effectiveness of your loyalty program. Additionally, you can create tiered programs to incentivise customers to reach higher levels. With seamless integration with Shopify, implementing and managing your loyalty program is a breeze.

Best Shopify Payment Option Apps

Looking for the best Shopify payment option apps to enhance your ecommerce store? Look no further. We’ve got you covered with a selection of top picks that will simplify the checkout process and boost sales. Stripe offers seamless credit card payments and customizable checkout options. PayPal provides a trusted and secure payment gateway. Klarna offers flexible payment options like pay later and instalment plans. Apple Pay allows for quick and easy payments using Apple devices. And Shopify Payments is an integrated payment solution for a seamless checkout experience.

14. Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty

Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty seamlessly integrates with Shopify, making subscription and loyalty program management a breeze. Create customizable subscription plans to attract recurring customers and reward loyal ones with exclusive perks. Robust reporting and analytics help track program success, and streamlined payment options enhance the shopping experience. Boost customer engagement and retention with Appstle’s user-friendly app. With Appstle Subscriptions & Loyalty, your ecommerce store can thrive.

15. Volume & Discounted Pricing

Want to offer tiered pricing based on quantity purchased? Try the Volume & Discounted Pricing apps! These apps make it easy to create volume-based discounts and wholesale pricing for your customers. Plus, you can set minimum and maximum order quantities for discount eligibility. Incentivise larger purchases, increase customer loyalty, and attract new customers with competitive pricing options. Maximise your sales potential today!

Best SEO apps for Shopify

Improve your website’s search engine rankings with SEO apps. Optimise your website’s meta tags, titles, and descriptions for better visibility. Utilise keyword research tools to target the right audience.

16. SEO Manager

Boost your Shopify store’s visibility and organic traffic with the SEO Manager app. Customise meta tags, optimise titles and descriptions, and analyze keywords. Get insights and recommendations to enhance your site’s SEO performance. Benefit from features like XML sitemap generation and advanced SEO analytics. Easily track and monitor your SEO efforts with SEO Manager, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for your ecommerce success.

17. Plug in SEO

If you’re looking to optimise your Shopify store for search engines, look no further than Plug in SEO. This popular Shopify app offers detailed SEO analysis and recommendations to boost your website’s ranking. With Plug in SEO, you can easily fix issues like broken links, missing meta tags, and slow page load times. The app even provides keyword suggestions and allows you to track your store’s SEO performance. Ensure your Shopify store is fully optimised with Plug-in SEO.

18. SEO, Image optimiser & Speed

Enhance your Shopify store’s SEO with the help of an SEO app that optimises website content and meta tags for search engine visibility. Improve loading speed and boost SEO by compressing images with an image optimiser app. Optimise website performance and minimise code with a speed optimisation app. These apps work together to drive more traffic to your Shopify store, improve user experience, and enhance SEO. Boost your store’s online presence with these powerful tools!

Best Shopify apps for product sourcing and Fulfillment

Looking to streamline your product sourcing and fulfillment processes? Look no further! These top Shopify apps have got you covered.

19. Printful

If you’re looking for a reliable app for on-demand printing and drop-shipping services, Printful is a top choice. It seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, making it easy to create and sell custom-designed products. With Printful, you can automate the fulfillment process, eliminating the need for inventory management. From apparel and accessories to home decor items, Printful offers a wide range of products. Plus, their design tools allow you to customise and preview your products before they are printed and shipped.

20. DSers ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping

Looking to streamline your product sourcing and fulfillment process? DSers is the answer! This popular Shopify app allows you to easily import and fulfil orders from AliExpress. With DSers, you can automate order processing, saving time and effort. Enjoy bulk ordering, automatic tracking number updates, and real-time inventory sync for seamless fulfillment. Streamline your dropshipping business with DSers and watch your ecommerce store thrive!

21. Order Fulfillment Guru

Order Fulfillment Guru is a Shopify app that simplifies the order fulfillment process for merchants. It seamlessly integrates with multiple fulfillment centres, enabling efficient and timely order processing. With Order Fulfillment Guru, merchants can effortlessly track and manage their inventory across different channels. The app provides real-time updates on order status and shipping information, ensuring a seamless customer experience. By reducing manual tasks and errors, Order Fulfillment Guru saves time and improves overall operational efficiency.

22. Spocket

nnels. The app provides real-time updates on order status and shipping information, ensuring a seamless customer experience. By reducing manual tasks and errors, Order Fulfillment Guru saves time and improves overall operational efficiency.

Best Shopify Apps for Marketing

23. Klayvio

Hands down the most well-known and efficient ecommerce email and sms platform. Klaviyo is a powerhouse that comes with pre-built flows and templates and it’s so easy to use!


The cold acquisition tool that not only helps to grow your audience list but also creates a user experience that can enhance your product offering. is a robust quiz platform with too many options to mention. If you don’t have a quiz on your site, now is the time to get one!

25. KnoCommerce

This is a MUST have and little-known app that you just simply can’t do without. It is a post purchase survey that has a free option up to three questions. These three questions tell you important information about your product that can help you market more effectively.
1. Where did you first see our brand: Since IOS14, understanding attribution and where a customer first came into contact with you is notoriously difficult. This gives you a MUCH better view and almost always contradicts google analytics (usually much more swayed to social platforms).

2. Why did you buy the product: this can be asked in numerous ways and depends on the product. For example, if you sell bathroom towels you may ask if the towel is a gift or for yourself.

3. This one will depend on what you really want to know about your customers. It could be age, gift occasion, gender, job type etc. Consider switching this one around each month to get more information.

26. Gorgias

Gorgias is a helpdesk, live chat platform that can seriously up your customer experience game. Gorgia pulls in customer communication from multiple platforms, into a database, allowing you to prioritise queries, create automated responses to queries and manage support tickets. It comes with a website chat bot for even more value!


To achieve ecommerce success, it’s essential to leverage the power of Shopify apps. These apps can enhance your marketing efforts, boost conversions, build customer loyalty, and optimise your store for SEO. In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. And when it comes to running a successful Shopify store, leveraging the right apps can make all the difference.

These are just a few examples of the best Shopify apps available. Visit the Shopify App Store to explore more options and start boosting your ecommerce success today.

And remember, you can start your free trial of Shopify with no credit card required. Happy selling!

What are shopify apps?

Shopify apps are tools that can be added to your site to add specific additional functions such as managing reviews, conducting surveys, managing bundles etc.

Do I need an app?

It’s important to note that some themes such as booster, include many of the key functions that these apps offer. This can save you thousands of dollars per month. Check out our “the best themes” article for more information.

What is the cost of shopify apps?

Each app varies in price, head to the shopify marketplace to check the price. Most apps include a 14 day trial which is key to see if it fits what you need and is easy to use.

Are shopify apps safe?

All apps need to run through a extensive testing process by shopify which occurs over several months.

How to select the best Shopify apps

Look for a 14-day trial, low monthly cost and reviews. The trouble will be in how hard it is to setup, if it works and how good the support is.

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