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The Anatomy of a 6%+ Converting Product Page


The industry benchmark for an ecommerce website is 3% depending on the product average order value and the industry. This is an important note to make about website conversion that is often overlooked. The higher the AOV (average order value), the lower the conversion rate (also depending on industry and product type).

Products under $100 are generally expected to hit conversion rates of 3-6%

Products between $150 to $400 tend to sit around 1.5%

And products over $500 are usually below 1%

This also depends on the location of the trafic to your site. The lower the intent, the lower the conversion. Traffic coming from a search on google tends to have a higher intend and therefore a higher conversion, META adveritisng tends to have a lower intent and therefore a lower conversion.

Your conversion rate can make or break your website revenue and should be considered a priority. In this guide we look at the product page and the anatomy of a page that converts at 6% and higher.


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